Policies & Announcements
for assistance call 516-747-7989

Policies & Announcements

Lieber Bros., Inc Contact Information

Customer Service P: 516-747-7989 Ext. 3998
Barbara Filion – Credit Department, Accounts Receivable P: 516-747-7989 Ext. 506
Order Department P: 516-747-7989 Ext. 1
Logistics Department P: 516-747-7989 Ext. 501

Policy and Procedures

  • All the Policies and Procedures set forth herein are subject to the laws and regulations of the NYSLA and ABCNJ and any other authority having appropriate jurisdiction over Lieber Bros., Inc.
  • Lieber Bros., Inc. policies can change. Please check with your Lieber Bros Account Specialist for current information that may not be changed in this document.

Order Department

  • Our Order Department can help place orders for all our customers
  • Order Department 516-747-7989 Ext. 1
  • [email protected]
  • Delivery Charges
    • Lieber Bros., Inc. will charge a delivery fee on all deliveries following:
    • Sales orders less then 5 Cases will incur a $20.00 Delivery charge.
    • The Charge will appear on the invoice as a separate line item “Delivery Fee”
    • In accordance with NYS law, an account that does not pay the delivery charges will be put on the NYS Delinquent list. (NEW YORK ONLY)
    • All orders for next day delivery must be in before 3:30PM.

      During the Covid 19 Pandemic please take advantage of ordering on line through Beverage Media or Seven Fifty. Your order will come straight to our office for processing. Thank you for your business! 

Bill & Store Release Orders – New York

  • All Bill & Store orders can be placed through your Account Specialist.
  • Customers can release Bill & Store items by calling Diana – 516-747-7989 Ext. 4
  • Refusals and Short shipments at the time of delivery will be added back to the Bill & Store inventory in full cases only.
  • All Bill & Store refusals or short shipments must be noted at the time of delivery.
  • All broken bottles must be noted on the invoice at the time of delivery.
  • A credit will be given for any and all broken bottles
  • All Bill & Store orders or release must be submitted by 2:00 for next day delivery.

Bill & Storage Fees

• Rates – New York

  • All storage charges will be billed at .40 cents per case per month based on the ending inventory on the 1st of every month
  • The initial storage fee is .40 cents per case assessed when goods are initially put into storage no matter the date of the month.
  • Per the Bill and Hold Advisory (SLA Advisory #2017-3) retailers are required to accept delivery of any and all product ordered that has remained at Lieber Bros., Inc possession for a period of (18) months from the date of the acceptance of the order.
  • If the retailer does not accept the goods within this timeframe, Lieber Bros., Inc will notify the SLA.

Customer Service Information

  • Lieber Fine Wines & Spirits information
  • Pickup & Exchanges
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Backorders
  • Invoice Questions
  • Credit memo Questions
  • Bill and Ship to:

Lieber Fine Wines & Spirits Basic Information

Customer Service Inquires

Phone 516-747-7989 Ext. #1
Email [email protected]
Website www.Lieberfinewines.com

When calling customer Service please have available:

  1. Customer Number
  2. Invoice Number
  3. Order Number
  4. Date Of invoice
  5. Item number(s)

Pickups and Exchanges

  • Exchanges for unsaleable items must be called in as soon as possible, there is a 1-month time for both Wine and Spirits.
  • All closeout items are final sale and will not be picked up or exchanged
  • All Merchandise for Pick Up and/or credit must be called in within 5 business days of the date of delivery

Pick up and Exchange

  • When the customer is billed
  • If the customer is billed for one type of item and receive another item
  • This must be called in immediately upon your discovery of the wrong item(S)
  • Lieber will need all the information that applies to that invoice.
  • After customer contacts Lieber Bros an investigation will be looked at by customer service.
  • Customer service will then follow up with the customer after Lieber researched the cause of the mis-shipment.

Quantity Discounts

  • All Quantity discounts must be on one order.
  • If there is an item broken, short shipped, refused, repacked or un-saleable on delivery, the item must be reordered to replace cases for quantity discount.
  • If cases are not replaced customer will be billed the higher price. To receive the quantity discount all items must delivered
  • When contacting customer service please have invoice and item number to help in solving your questions.
  • New Jersey mix and match items must. receive full order for quantity discount

Backorders for Out of Stock items

  • If an item is Out of Stock, it will be placed on backorder
  • Customer Service will contact on/off premise customer when product is back in stock and ready to ship.
  • If backorder is to reach a quantity discount customer must take product or will be rebilled at the higher price
  • If an item is OOS in NJ and is part of a mix and match program, customer must receive case(s) to receive the quantity discount. If customer refuses case(s) they will be rebilled at the higher price.

Bill to / Ship to NEW YORK

  • Bill and Ship to accounts call Diana at 516-747-7989 Ext. 4 to release all items by 2:00 PM to receive items the next day.
  • If you have a warehouse that you would like the items to be sent you must have a valid warehouse permit from the SLA for Lieber Bros., to deliver to that address. (NEW YORK ONLY)
  • Lieber Bros must have a copy of the warehouse permit in order to send merchandise to your warehouse
  • Warehouse permits are good for 3 years and at expiration Lieber will need a new copy of the new warehouse permit

Lieber Bros. Payment Methods

  • To make payments to Lieber Bros., Inc. the customer can use the following methods, US Mail, overnight services, Pay the sales Representative, ACH payment and Melio On-line payment.
  • All payments must have the corporation name as well at their account number and invoice(s)
  • Lieber Customers can deposit directly into Lieber Bros., Inc account at JP Morgan Chase bank at any location, Nassau, Suffolk 5 Boroughs and Westchester area and New Jersey. Call for Account information to the Credit Department.
  • After customer makes deposit in Chase account they must email or fax a copy of the deposit receipt with amount, account number and invoices being paid to [email protected].

Lieber Bros., Inc Payment Methods

  • Please add the following information when paying through Melio.Email: [email protected] 516/747-7989 Ext. 2
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Number
  • Total Amount
  • Date
  • Invoice(s) paid

• Lieber Bros account information:

To Pay Online: https://melio.me/lieberbrosinc

Lieber Bros., Credit Department

  • NYSLA Default Reporting/ ABCNJ Default Reporting
  • Lieber Bros., has the responsibility to comply with all NEW YORK STATE LIQUOR AUTHORITY (NYSLA)/NEW JERSEY ABC regulations.
  • All Customers will be reported to the NYSLA/NJABC for the following reasons:
  • If payment is not received by the credit calendar according to the New York State Liquor Authority/NJABC all accounts on/off premise will be reported Delinquent
  • If a payment is returned UNPAID by the licensee’s bank by the final payment date according to the NYSLA/NJABC credit calendar, All customers will be charged a $30.00 bounce check fee.
  • When a customer is on the delinquent list and payment is received for all outstanding invoices, Lieber will notify the NYSLA/NJABC by electronic reporting. The state will release customer when all invoices are paid to all Distributors NY/NJ.
  • If you have any questions regarding COD status, please call Barbara at 516-747-7989 Ext. 2 or email [email protected]

Lieber Fine Wines & Spirits appreciates all our customers and looks forward to building a long-term relationship for the future.

If there is any questions, please email [email protected] or call 516-747-7989